The Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organization): HAI was initiated under Health Systems Research Institute (HSRI) as a research program “Mechanisms on Promoting Hospital Quality Improvement” in year 1997 and was set up to be an associated institute of HSRI since year 1999 with the name of “The Institute of Hospital Quality Improvement & Accreditation”.

The Institute of Hospital Quality Improvement & Accreditation played a crucial role in promoting standard and quality of healthcare in Thailand for many years. Being recognized by its roles, the institute became a public organization on 22 June 2009. Objectives of HAI which are promulgated in the Royal Decree on the Establishment of The Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organization) B.E. 2552 (2009) are as followed:

(1) To assess work systems and accredit healthcare organizations. These activities include setting up standards of healthcare organizations that will be used as a framework for assessing quality improvement and accrediting healthcare organizations.

(2) To collect, study and analyze data and make recommendations which aimed to promote, support and improve quality of healthcare organizations.

(3) To promote and support the establishment of mechanisms which systematically improves quality and safety of healthcare services.

(4) To generate and disseminate knowledge and provide access to knowledge on quality assessment, quality improvement and accreditation of healthcare organizations.

(5) To collaborate with state agencies, national and international organizations, and private sector that are interested in quality assessment, quality improvement and accreditation of healthcare organizations.

(6) To formulate curricula and train healthcare personnel in order to escalate understanding on tools for quality assessment, quality improvement and accreditation of healthcare organizations.

HAI operates under the principle of “Being an independent organization with reliability and agility, having evidence-based operations which are sensitive to national health context and culture.”

HAI accreditation program

HAI accreditation program was formulated under the concept of “being an educational process” and was developed in closed collaboration with healthcare experts and key stakeholders. Aims of the accreditation program are improving quality and safety in healthcare services, in conjunction with supporting spiritual growth in patients and healthcare personnel.

Various quality tools, such as 3C-PDSA (context, criteria, core value, Plan-Do-Study-Act), tracer, control chart, Lean, narrative medicine, were adopted to support self-assessment and accreditation. Standards, organization and surveyor training program of HAI are now accredited by International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua)


HAI’s clients cover more than 1,000 public and private hospitals in Thailand. HAI surveyors are experienced and well-trained physicians, nurses, pharmacists and healthcare administrators. Each year about 350 hospitals were visited for accreditation by more than 100 surveyors of HAI.