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Scheduling training and recruiting surveyors

Course Training Course HA 451 External Surveyor Preparation Camp to become a surveyor.

"Start the path of quality Become an HA surveyor with the internationally accredited ISQua Surveyor Training Program (IEEA) Surveyor Training Programme"


                    In the HA 451 External Surveyor Preparation Camp course, participants will gain experience of being a surveyor from a range of highly qualified speakers. led by a team of speakers led by Dr. Anuwat Supachutikul, HA experts, as well as senior surveyors, such as Ajarn Pongphan Thana, Ph.D., Dr. Somjit Cheecharoen, Dr. Apakorn Supanya, Poramin Veraanuntavat, Pharm.D. and senior surveyors with many experiences. exchanged ideas and learned through case studies and discussions in small groups throughout the 5 days of training.

Participants qualifications

1. Age 35 years or older

2. Graduated in Health Sciences or related fields Have basic knowledge of the country's public health service system

3. Passed the training course HA 501 Standard Implementation within a period of not more than 1 - 2 years (according to the model specified in the application).

4. Have experience in quality work Manage important work systems Managing a department or organization for at least 2 years

5. Obtain consent from the top management of the organization. in participating in the training throughout the course

6. Passed the selection of trainee qualifications according to the procedures of the HAI.

7. Have the ability to communicate be healthy ready to adapt Able to work as a team

Training objectives

1. To allow participants to understand the concept of quality development. The use of quality tools and HA standards at a level that can be applied to enter the development of surveyors of the institute.

2. To enable the participants to develop key skills of surveyors such as critical thinking. using a systems perspective, listening, observing, coaching with goals

3. To enable participants to develop skills in analyzing self-assessment reports (Self Assessment Report) at the level that can plan survey visits and make recommendations for development.

Number of trainees

60 people

registration fee

25,000 baht/person (document fees, lunch, snacks, 7% tax) Training rates update as of 2022

Procedure and method of application

Interested candidates can follow the training date and download the application form at

For those who are determined and ready will be selected to participate in self-development as a surveyor in the STA Program, which is internationally accredited Surveyor Training Program by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) to be a part in driving quality improvement. Thailand's public health service system by using a learning mechanism self assessment and external visits aiming for Thailand to have standardized health services Is trusted by the society, with the PSA having a role in promoting Promoting Quality Culture